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Steal These GitHub Repos

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·Apr 23, 2022·

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Steal These GitHub Repos
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Table of contents

  • 1. Design patterns for humans
  • 2. JavaScript Algorithms
  • 3. Every programmer should know
  • 4. App Ideas
  • 5. Awesome courses
  • 6. Ethereum book
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Here are some GitHub Repos, you would like to visit or use as a developer

1. Design patterns for humans

This repository consists of the design patterns information and guideline on how to tackle certain problems



2. JavaScript Algorithms

A great collection of basic algorithms and data structures in JavaScript



3. Every programmer should know

This repository is pretty awesome, it is a collection of all the things that every programmer should know



4. App Ideas

App ides from beginner to advanced level. You can use these ideas and can use it for your portfolio and get a job



5. Awesome courses

This repository is a collection of courses from top-university. If you want to become really good at computer science, this is your way



6. Ethereum book

This book consists of all the concepts you could learn about Solidity and Ethereum. It is really useful if you are into blockchain stuff



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