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7 Best GitHub Repositories to Learn Any Programming Language

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·May 27, 2022·

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7 Best GitHub Repositories to Learn Any Programming Language

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Table of contents

  • 1. Hello World
  • 2. 30 Days Of JavaScript
  • 3. Rust By Example
  • 4. 100-Days-Of-ML-Code
  • 5. Project Based Learning
  • 6. Awesome-For-Beginners
  • 7. Python Data Science Handbook
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According to me, after documentation, GitHub repositories are one of the best ways to learn to program. There are lots of resources where you can learn programming and it is easy to become lost in these piles of resources. Here I have compiled 7 repositories that will help you to learn any programming language.

1. Hello World

hello worls.png

This is one of the most interesting GitHub repositories. What better way to have an introduction to a programming language besides hello world ?. As the name suggests, this repository is about Hello World in every computer language. It has supported a total of 981 languages and more will be added soon. This repository has more than 8.3K stars and 1.6K forks.

2. 30 Days Of JavaScript


If you are new to Javascript and want to start learning from the basics, then this will be a great repository for you. As the name suggests, this is a 30-day JavaScript programming challenge with a step-by-step tutorial for learning JavaScript. It has more than 21.6K stars and 4.7K forks.

3. Rust By Example


Rust is a blazingly fast and memory-efficient programming language. If you are interested in learning Rust, then this could be a great resource for you. It also includes a Live code editor. It has more than 4.7K stars.

4. 100-Days-Of-ML-Code


If you are learning Machine Learning, there is a possibility that you know Siraj Raval. This repository is about learning how to code using machine learning in 100 days proposed by Siraj Raval. It has more than 37.4K stars and 9.4K forks.

5. Project Based Learning


Another good way to learn any programming language is to create a project in that language. This repository is a collection of project-based programming tutorials that teach software developers how to create an application from scratch. These tutorials are broken down into various programming languages. Multiple technologies and languages may be used in tutorials. This repository has more than 68.2K stars and more than 10.2K forks.

6. Awesome-For-Beginners


If you are a beginner in programming, then this is a must-know repository for you. This repository contains a list of awesome beginner-friendly projects which will help you to learn to program easily. It has more than 40.4K stars and 5.6K forks.

7. Python Data Science Handbook


Data science is one of the hottest topics in the current world now among software developers. The Python Data Science Handbook is one of the best books to read if you want to be good at data science in Python. This repository contains the entire Python Data Science Handbook, in the form of (free!) Jupyter notebooks. It has more than 34.7K stars and more than 15.4K forks.

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